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How to manage emotions under pressure: Mindful Awareness

Parenting Under Pressure A two hour workshop for parents and/or carers with children in the Goulburn Region (Greater Shepparton, Moira, Strathbogie, Mitchell and Murrindindi). Would you like to learn how to: Identify emotions Relax Manage anger outbursts from distressed children Think positively and feel positive Understand problem thinking Apply mindfulness techniques This evidence based program […]

The Importance of Play

Playing together is one of the most effective tools for building strong relationships with your child. The two hour workshop by FamilyCare, aims to help parents and carers learn more about: The importance of play with your child. How play impacts on your relationship and connection with your child. How play impacts different stages of […]

Baskets of Joy – for the City of Greater Shepparton 2020

WOW! What a year it has been for all of us! It is hard to believe Christmas is just around the corner. Our usual Baskets of Joy is going to look a bit different this year.


Due to Covid 19 restrictions, FamilyCare is offering an ON LINE Drumbeat program in Term 4 for mothers who have experienced family violence.    Drumbeat is a therapeutic group intervention aimed to improve relationships, self-worth, lowering psychological distress and improve self-esteem. The sessions will include activities and discussions to support the healing of one’s sense […]

Life Hacks

Life Hacks – PARENTING UNDER PRESSURE Are you struggling with day to day pressure of life, finding a balance between the demands? Problem solving day to day issues overwhelming? Come and join us for this online workshop to learn more about: Financial Planning and budgeting Diet, nutrition and exercise Centrelink – tips on new COVID-19 […]

Tuning in to Kids – emotionally intelligent parenting

A six session parenting program for parents. Would you like to learn how to: be better at talking with your child? be better at understanding your child? help your child learn to manage their emotions? help to prevent behaviour problems in your child? teach your child to deal with conflict? Tuning in to Kids shows […]

Emotion Coaching – Connecting with our Kids

      Help your child to: Understand their emotions and be able to communicate how they feel Regulate their emotions and calm themselves Develop resilience and positive self-esteem Develop problem-solving and social skills Develop kindness and empathy towards others This two hour online workshop delivered by FamilyCare is for parents and carers of children […]

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