Presentations and Speeches

  • Speech presented by CEO at the Welfare Conditionality – Principles, Practices and Perspectives Conference, University of York, 26-28 June 2018
    “The concept of conditionality in the Australian welfare system is not new. The introduction and expansion of benefit payments following Federation in 1901, established eligibility criteria that recipients were required to meet in order to access and retain support”
  • Speech presented by CEO at the Rural & Remote Social Worker’s Conference, Shepparton 31 July 2015

    “There are three broad categories into which productive endeavour in Australia can be separated. The first is the for – profit sector, across many and varied industries, from the very, very large to the so – called ‘engine-room of the economy’, small business. Then there is public service, including a myriad of coordination, support and delivery functions across a number of layers of government. And finally, there is activity
    that is outside of government and not intended to generate profit. It is the domain of what is often referred to as the third sector.”

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