Do you want to connect with other Carers?

You may be caring for a person with a disability, aging and related issues, mental health diagnosis, a chronic health condition, you may be caring for a neighbour, a family member, a loved one or a friend.

You might be a Young person (8 years old to 24 years) caring for a parent or sibling,  meet in person or online via ZOOM with other people in similar caring situations to share stories, knowledge and experience.

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The In Person Peer Support groups are free and facilitated for Carers that enables connection with fellow Carers. They offer relief from Carer stress through personal connections and sharing of personal stories and experiences. The groups provide sustainable, relevant avenues of support for Carers.

Carers are matched with groups based on their needs. Group members lead the groups.

Sessions are flexible where the location and times are chosen by the group. Groups are tailored to the different needs of Carers. There can be up to 8 facilitated sessions with the aim of the group continuing independently.

IPPS has been developed by Wellways and used by the Carer Gateway.

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