FamilyCare is a non profit organisation and as such we rely heavily on volunteers and financial assistance from the communities our programs service.

All our Services require Volunteers to assist the work of FamilyCare. The Disability Support program would not be able to provide recreational activities for children with disabilities if it were not for the great support they receive from Volunteers.

We provide the best possible programs to benefit families, individuals and children and we seek your assistance to keep our programs running.

The Volunteer Program seeks to work in collaboration with staff and the services offered at FamilyCare to supplement and enhance the programs that are a resource to families and individuals within the community. Volunteers are available for families or individuals to assist them to reach their identified goals.

FamilyCare provide the community with many opportunities to volunteer under the direction of program staff in areas, such as Disability Support Services, Carer’s Support, Family Services, Parent Child Program, Refugee Minor Program and our unique second hand book store The Book Inn, located at 94 Wyndham Street Shepparton. 

Volunteers also support our IntoRec Program held for children with disabilities as Peer Support Volunteers in the after school and school holiday program.  Baskets of Joy at Christmas and our newly created “Paddock to Plate” fundraising event provide other flexible volunteering opportunities. 

The contributions made by our Volunteers benefit not only the participants of the relevant programs, but also the Volunteer, building a relationship with the Agency and providing an opportunity to help in a way that is meaningful to them whilst making a difference. 


Expression of interest to become a volunteer at FamilyCare

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